Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Our Colon Theatre Glogster

About the Colon Theatre

When we think about the Colon Theatre we think in music,people dancing, we think in diffrent play and to we think in people who work hard to satisfy the spectators.

What we like about the Colon Theatre is that all the people work very hard and when they sing you can feel the happiness they are feeling.And,what we care most about it, is all, because any tiny thing is to be nurtured in a place where people leave the soul in singing, dancing and acting.

What we know about Colon Theatre is that the first time it open was in 1908 and a few years after it was closed for reformation to be able to open the day of the Argentina Bicentennial.Is also one of the best operas in the world.In this wonderful place, works people who gives the soul on stage with a smile that people feel that happiness, and they do not need a monument to be happy, they are happy with what the public that gives them, joy, love that conveys the public to the actors, singers and dancers is immense.What we would like to learn about The Colon Theatre is who had the idea of creating it, Because they are amazing people and they had a great idea.

We searched for interesting information there,because that is the best place to learn about it, the place where it all began.

What we would like to tell a stranger about the Colon Theatre is that is the best house of opera that this word has ever had and the Colon theater is one of the most important monuments of the word.

Why did we choose the Colon Theatre